I really don’t know what to say. I really think white people are the parasite. Or the parasite portrays themselves as white people. They really look like the wraith. Freddy cruger. All of those beings look like some sort of alien. I think we are all aliens. I think this is a dream that is being used to harvest energy for a race of beings that is no longer being allowed to live. They will die anyways. And even if they hurt our vessels, we will continue to come back to life because we are chosen to survive. This is judgment. There is something that has been creating it’s reality based off of our manifestation energy, When we manifest something it comes automatically but something has been feeding on us. We have to figure this out. School makes no sense. And white people run it. Government makes no sense. Slavery every single day makes no sense and white people run both of those. I have been being followed. White people have been giving me dirty looks. Their cars put off this energy and it is so out of place. They are out of place. Their houses are on our mountains and we are not allowed to see them. Everything has been stripped from us. The truth of the magic in the realm has forever been written off as some sort of fairy tale. And Walt Disney was a white man. They were all white men in the cia who figured out how to mind control us. They continue to attack melanated beings. They are the parasite. How could they not be. It is illegal to collect rain water. To travel the realm without all of this money and passports. None of this is owned by them. None of this is owned by anyone. But yet and still they control everything inside and outside. The hospitals are killing people, especially myelinated people. I think white people are the parasite. I think some of our brothers and sisters are very light skinned. I and everyone has been quantumly abused since the beginning. We know this but we lack something to make the system function. We lack something to allow for us to know the truth. Something is wrong with the system. White people have been very obvious in their strange over aggression towards everything. All of the signs are there. I think they are the parasite. How can they not be. Why do they spiritually attack us if they were not harvesting our energy. They have books on harvesting our energy. Maybe that is why the earth is heating up. Maybe that is the only way to get rid of them. They have been hurting us for so long. Maybe the moors really did get under spell control and gave them all of the codes to the realm. White people have never seemed particularly intelligent, which to me just means unable to connect to the truth the planet speaks out all of the time, but yet they try. It looks like a parasite to me. Otherwise there would be no stress in the realm. Our land would be in tact. Our tribes would be in tact. Our intuition would not be attacked. People all over the world would not be talking about white people following them and gang stalking them, and withholding all of the money which is not even a sensible system, but allow all of us to starve. It literally looks like they are systematically and intentionally killing us but we have the upper hand because the realm responds to us and hates them. I don’t know what to say, they threaten you subliminally in movies your whole life. Why won’t they just go away so we can be peaceful.

My dad keeps telling me it is hot. It is not hot to me, it feels like my new life is flowing through that sun. Everything the black people say about mother and women and the system being upside down really resonates with me. My dad has been dropping subliminals about dying, about being a drug addict, about being an alcoholic, just straight negativity. He has had emotional outbursts since I have known him. I grew up with white people, they took me from my mother and I barely saw her but she was also poor growing up, her whole family. But now I see that all of that has been orchestrated. These beings are literally destroying everything and nobody is doing sh*t about it just sitting here dying. Black people, black men specifically, have been bamboozled into mind control. They are taught to hate women and channel the opposite energy. This is also killing the realm. Why can I see this. Why am I still alive. Does god exist. Is this just a simulation. Like why can’t I get out of here. Why am I in hell?

It’s really weird I feel like my own family is the one hacking my electronics, and watching me. I think they do have telepathy. and I think if they have it we do not. But I also think we are the source or else we have some source they do not which is why they want to parasite on us, because they can not survive without a host since source is no longer feeding their existence because they are pirates and do not create good things.

I do not know how to continue on pretending like there is not a giant parasite that should no longer be here. The government, the laws, the control, the intrusion, the killings of us, the obsession with what we have, the anger at our happiness or at our success because it takes their food away, the inverse of our power flow system, the following, the aggression, the dirty looks, the projecting, everything they do when i did nothing to them, it makes no sense, and they say ignore or they will do this or do that, but the sun is killing them, they are shape shifting, i saw a white girls eye turn into a lizard eye, something is happening, something is happening, the energy is rising melanated beings are getting their memories back, will it be in time, who decides, what is happening exactly?

They are killing our healers. They are jailing our speakers. They are parasitizing our children through this entire energy grid we sit on. Nothing is right right now. Other than the sun and the energy coming back on the planet. I do not want to experience a weird space war that I never really knew existed. I just want the parasite to disappear, disintegrate and go away. The gods need to go in the past and change it. They never should have let this parasite in. Someone who remembers needs to clear this realm of the parasite so we do not have to be hurt anymore. So then we can heal the planet and connect again with the cosmos. None of this system is right. Everything is wrong.

I did not create this parasite. This parasite has been attacking me since my birth. Someone may have created this parasite, I guess a melanated person would have had to. They should be stuck with the parasite, not the rest of us. They should be cast out of the collective conscience or at least bound or disintegrated an not allowed to create anymore. I do not want to experience constant days of pain. This is so stupid.

I’ve never been an evil person but I’ve been surrounded by them. Watching me. Hurting other children. Sending things to attack me, situations and people. I remember my past lives and they were worse. This won’t get better if we don’t fix it. If people don’t take responsibility for what they have created. This energetic realm is horrible to live in. And it won’t get better until we change the energy to a positive. How do you do that? -Take responsibility for your horrible energy creations from your negativity and stop living through that. Get back into your body, into the right dimension and stop running from your power. Accept it. You are a magical being, now please stop freaking annoying us with your horrible ideas due to your lack of confidence. Create great things. And make this reality great.

Channel good energies into this realm for gods sakes.

What if white people are the manifestation of a black god going in the opposite direction of creation into self destruction and since their energy is so strong it creates what they feel since our creations are our loudest expressions. And so what do we do, we would have to disconnect from that god, we would have to no longer feed that god energy and then all of him and his creations would go back into prana and not exist anymore. Some people are kept alive after their death because they are thought about. Energy is thoughts. So if we stop thinking about the terrible things, stop talking about them, stop spreading negative propaganda then it will cease to exist. But if the gods continue to keep it alive and the other gods refuse to disconnect from the gods who are sinning against us all by channeling death energy then what do you all expect? This is the reality of the situation. Everything is in the mind. Everyone should meditate and nobody should be working that creates negative energy. Some of us have to go through the process of revamping our reality. We have to walk away from people. We have to create paradigms without them. We have to fight for good things to pay for being in this realm at all. This is your fault, this is all of your faults. Or you would not be here. You are here to take responsibility you have been seen as strong enough to revamp the realm. So do what you have been programmed to do. Create with energy and create great things. Or figure out the truth if this is not the truth. We should not have many truths we should have one truth. Spread that. And let us all be on the same wavelength without pain, without suffering, without negativity at all. Or point me to the door so I can get the heck out of here. This realm and its low vibration is so boring.

I was manifesting money and then I met someone who knew it and he sent negative energy on me. He was a god, but he hates women, he hates himself, he has cuts all over his body so he is in the opposite form. White people can not take the sun which looks like they are in the opposite form. They say they worship satan, and everyone knows satan is a black god who turned against the mother dynamic. All of this really feels like a well orchestrated dream, but it also feels real because I can’t seem to wake up from it. I feel closer when I channel energies of positivity. Sometimes I feel like I could just energetically fly out and the rest of you will decide energetically how to conduct my body until you choose what you want to happen in this story line.

All of this feels so dreamy, but somehow I am stuck. Somehow I Still want to change things for the better. Even though it looks crazy in this dream and I know in the end it is all for nothing. But what if the end takes forever. So then it’s not for nothing. It is worth it to have a good dream, despite a bad dream but everyone here seems to have lost their abilities other than a select few who have all of the abilities now. I hope they choose right, and I feel that they will. I feel they are being attacked by the negative entities. Maybe we must teach each other how this realm really works and then it will be better. The ones who know must teach and disconnect from negative entities who will never choose to create great things.

This really sounds like a great story, and we switch timelines all of the time. Nobody realizes they are controlling the narrative with their energy balls that are in the quantum realm. Nobody else is awake, they were enjoying the dream. Hating the dream is the only way you will ever wake up, because something about this is charging us, dreaming charges our bodies I feel. Separating from that is a sign that something is no longer worth being connected to. I think we will all disconnect and then we will choose who to connect to again when it is time. This will be the new reality.

The energy controls reality. And time does not exist unless you agree to experience it. How do you control the energy? You get the ones who are giving out the energy, to submit to the one who will be controlling the narrative. This pinches the energy lines. Eventually a balance will be pushed through because the ones who give out the energy would be controlling their own individual realities collectively. Just like flowers and trees.

I think there is a certain amount of magnetism that creates reality. I think we are all adding to the energy. I think at some point we will all know this its just really weird to have the information and to be around those who seem to still have that connection cut off from them. It reminds me of how the woman split herself to create us. So then we split ourselves to become one or to create other realities but I really feel the energy wants to come together somehow I just don’t know what that will do to the realities.

I think it will heighten our reality. But the payment is part of us must sit on the other side. I keep channeling something about the four powers, or pillars create reality. And it creates our forms as well. This is bizarre. The things I am channeling. I think we drink and smoke to make the thoughts go away. I think I wanted to know this knowledge and then at some point I will see the other two powers. I went through the first power by not knowing and then I went to the opposite end of the polarization and found all of the information. It feels like it wants to break because it is slow moving energy.

So it will break to create fast moving energy. Because that is the energy that many are channeling. Why are our communities so spread apart. I should have someone to talk to about this. I should have someone to tell me what is happening to me. There is channeling but I am the only one with a vessel right now. Sometimes I feel like I am being guided to just submit and overcome this lower vibrational vessel but I am not ready to transcend this realm yet. I do not want to accidentally go to another realm and have my child here without me. But what if people, like my mother leave the realm all of the time and the vessels are just empty vessels. This is legit bizarre.

Or I could just submit and allow all of those controlling the reality to keep getting the power to do it. So many choices, when all I want is peace. But there are so many here who don’t want that, so then it becomes an energetic war on reality that I don’t want to fight in but I don’t want to just submit to a nightmare. And maybe submitting to the nightmare is the way because you can still change things but I feel I have been doing that my whole life I just want peace, each day, and I want to have fun, so the vibration has to get higher.

Something about fear creates realities for you to fear. Something about standing up creates a reality where you get to stay standing tall. And it is even more weird that your reality changes when you begin to do things differently. It’s so obvious that our realities copy us and what we do with ourselves as it takes that as that is what you want more of.

So in reality the homeless people are manifesting the right reality. And the crazy people are manifesting the right reality. Things should be moving faster than they are. But should is an interesting word because it copies what we do. Everything is waves, and what creates waves if not the balls of energy of all sizes. I feel like it is the massive reset that is taking place. And as I said it can change at any moment. I feel we have lost sight of the truth so the reset may go all of the way or at least to the energetic realms where things move faster.This may also just be happening for me.

Some of you may already be there, some of you may be behind. But we are all here, always, in one way or another. The reset will bring us back together, to where we know what is going on. Then we will create again.



Apologies From Those Who Can Not Say Them. I Hope You Find Healing And A Way To Detach From The Bad Memories Of The Past So We Can All Enjoy Tomorrow.

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Thee Water

Thee Water

Apologies From Those Who Can Not Say Them. I Hope You Find Healing And A Way To Detach From The Bad Memories Of The Past So We Can All Enjoy Tomorrow.

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