When you teach a child the things they teach children in school you take the most imaginative minds and cage them. Then you cage their parents, on up and up and up until all you see is death and no energy. America feels like a giant science experiment. I would not be the least bit surprised if we were all constantly being watched by scientists who know that we are metaphysical beings and wanted to see what would happen if you drained all of the imaginative energy out of them. That’s very strange. That is very very strange. And obviously wrong. To do to a child. To do to a parent. To do to a metaphysical being. Have we all had a part in planning this? Is this multiple lives of the same thing. They show us in movies that they know about metaphysics, but they tell us it is not possible when it is. When there is proof that there is. When we all experience it to one extent or another. Are there others who have done this to us for scientific reasons because they want to have more control. Because they know we are metaphysical on our own, but they did not want to be alone. And even worse they wanted to control the ones they were not alone with. What do you think the metaphysical penalty is for doing such a thing. When we are all metaphysical beings. I would not want to be one of the ones who would be finding out. And I would not want to add more to the penalty by doing more especially when all is written in the ether. There is no way to get out of what you have done. It is all over you, written in your energetic signature. There is no hiding when we are all undoubtedly one at our core. When we all know what we are doing regardless of the dreams and fantasies you have created to cover up this fact. I would not want to be one of those. And if I was, I would stop doing it and take the punishments and then rejoin, healed, or having to start all over building the foundations the correct way. But how will you know the correct way if you are not enlightened. Even when the price of enlightenment is direct knowledge and experience of what you have done to another version of yourself regardless of how you have painted it in your head it is still true. You did not bring yourself here, not unless you mean the collective conscience did. There are so many who want to run from doing what is right. But do they even know what they have run into? I think not… I think not. To even become that monsterous energy you would have to forgo your knowledge. Your direct links to the collective conscience.And having it restored could be terrifying if you are on the wrong side. When those feelings rush in. The collective feelings of what you have done…my god. That is all I can say. My god…

Maybe that is why I am here. I am paying penance like the rest of us in this 3d realm. So the only way I know how to get out is to change the past. I have had recurring dreams. I have had to make decisions that either made things worse or made things better. I have had to weed through collective thoughts and drain out what was not helpful. I have had to build myself. So start there. Build yourself, and in turn build your life and then in the next life, if you still have penance to pay you should be in a better standing further away from those cycles of negativity that tricked you in your other lives. Ask for forgiveness, and mean it. Ask to be changed, and mean it. This is the only way that I know to rise. Otherwise you become a monster in a game. Or a floater in the game just trying to get out. Energy is what overlaps all of the realms. Energy and communication. So if we are in seem deep dark sim or something our energy still matters. So make energy of freedom, not of war, but of peaceful freedom. Make energy that breaks chains and bonds not creates them for yourself or anyone else. Live a free life, and create freedom for others. Then we can explore our metaphysical abilities more. With greater energies as we come together and deal with our creations from our energies and thoughts. Teach, and learn, and grow, and adjust, as the vines do. As the trees do. Stay planted, and create greatness everywhere, not just running from one destroyed place, that is obviously the collectives fault, to another. Do something, stand for something, be the change that you want to see. And then maybe our children will be better off. I know they will. I just hope it is faster than the speed of light. I just want good to rule this realm, not bad. I don’t even want bad to be here and we have to stop teaching that bad is necessary because it is not. There are other ways to exist. If you open yourself up to them. For our children, for our world, for our own experiences in this life or the next, do what is right. Do it for us. Regardless of what you have been told you are apart of the us. The animals, the plants, the soil, the microscopic organisms. Do it for us. And then in return, your next life or what have you, we will do it for you. The energetic experience will be set. We won’t have to keep trying to change it as we have all been so uncomfortable. We will have peace, in life, in death, in birth in whatever and wherever we spend our energies in this realm of mirrors. And maybe the other realms will open up to us more once we show that we are reformed, we are kind and our energies create good things. Maybe then life will be more than you ever thought possible.



Apologies From Those Who Can Not Say Them. I Hope You Find Healing And A Way To Detach From The Bad Memories Of The Past So We Can All Enjoy Tomorrow.

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Thee Water

Thee Water

Apologies From Those Who Can Not Say Them. I Hope You Find Healing And A Way To Detach From The Bad Memories Of The Past So We Can All Enjoy Tomorrow.

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